Screen Light Table Lamp Mod 4.0.4 – Android App to Convert Your Phone into a Desk Lamp for Reading
Modified Version – Ad-Free App Gifted to You

Reading at night is one of the main ways to achieve peace. Research shows that the material we read before sleeping is more effectively stored in our memory. However, sometimes we find ourselves in a dark environment where we cannot turn on the lights for reading or other activities! Screen Light Table Lamp is an Android mobile app developed by Apps Wave and published on Google Play, which converts your mobile device into a desk lamp for reading. This Android application is a suitable alternative to having desk lamps for reading, which can provide us with the desired light for our activities at any time. You may think that using the flash light is a better alternative to using the screen light, but you should know that the intensity of the flash light is much higher than the display and can even be annoying at times! This software, which is now introduced in Farsoroid, allows you to use the light of your Android smartphone screen as a study lamp or desk lamp. This app has various features and capabilities, the best of which can be referred to as the color of the light. Everything depends on you and your preferences; you can have white light as well as blue, red, green, or any other color. Surely, you have also experienced falling asleep while reading; the development team has embedded a smart timer in this app to prevent excessive battery consumption. You can set this timer before starting to read or even sleep, so that after a while the display will automatically turn off and prevent excessive battery consumption. If we want to mention other details of this practical startup, another feature is the soothing sounds that help us in different situations. These sounds, inspired by nature, help us to have double concentration while reading, or to experience a pleasant sleep by activating them.

Some features and capabilities of the Screen Light Table Lamp Android application:

  • Convert your Android phone into a smart and practical reading light
  • Ability to adjust the brightness and color of the screen according to your needs and preferences
  • A suitable option for those who cannot sleep in complete darkness
  • A collection of soothing sounds to help you concentrate while reading and experience a peaceful sleep
  • Internal timer to automatically stop the program
  • Create a custom profile to activate the software with just one touch

The Screen Light Table Lamp application has attracted the attention of thousands of people around the world with its various features and capabilities and has received a rating of 4.4 out of 5.0 from users. The app is available for free with in-app advertising and you can now download the latest modded version from the Usroid website.


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