Castle Defender: Hero Shooter v1.8.7 + Mod – Strategy game and tower defense “Castle Defenders” for Android
Normal version + mod version (infinite money) separately
Tested with offline performance

Castle Defender: Hero Shooter is a fun and exciting strategy tower defense game that is available for free for Android phones and tablets. This game is produced and developed by Unimob game studio in Vietnam. This studio is one of the active and creative companies in the field of making mobile games and to date has created and published many attractive titles such as SuperHero Junior, Frontier Wars, Legend Guardians and Stickman Ghost 2: Star Wars. Usroid has always prepared this beautiful and fantasy game as the first Iranian website along with its modded version for free download as usual. Castle Defender: Hero Shooter – Idle Offline TD is a tower defense game in which you play the role of a group of legendary heroes whose task is to defend a sacred castle. But suddenly the castle is attacked by an army of monsters and wild creatures. They will attack your castle in groups of several people. You have a duty to prevent these attacks with all your might. For this purpose, you can use different forces. You have to put your forces on the castle to shoot at the enemies from above. There are different types of forces in Castle Defender: Hero Shooter – Idle Offline TD, each attacking enemies in the same way. How and when to use them requires your strategic prowess.


Castle Defender Hero Shooter Cover


In Castle Defender: Hero Shooter – Idle Offline TD, tactics and war strategies are very important. That any force you can use will not be your solution. You have to use the hero correctly according to the capabilities and characteristics of each force. Your heroes will automatically start firing at their enemies as soon as they get close enough. But there is a big bow in the middle of the castle that only starts firing at your command. You have to place your finger on the screen and drag it up or down to shoot the arrows at the specified points. In Castle Defender: Hero Shooter – Idle Offline TD, there is the ability to upgrade forces at several levels. You can upgrade your heroes and add new features to them. Apart from these, you are also able to use special forces such as storms or freezing enemies. This game has 3 general maps, more than 30 challenging stages, 4 main heroes and dozens of different items for personalization and upgrading. This fun and exciting game will be challenging at higher levels. So prepare yourself for a fierce battle. Castle Defender: Hero Shooter – Idle Offline TD is now ready to be downloaded for free from Usroid with its modded version.