Fill Expert VIP v1.0.2 – A very attractive and challenging puzzle game “Master of filling lines” for Android + trailer of
the purchased version (VIP) and the full game for $ 1.99, presented to you
tested with offline execution

Fill Expert VIP – Master of Filling Lines is a very attractive and entertaining puzzle game that is produced and released by ArtStorm Studio in South Korea for $ 1.99. This version of the game is the paid (VIP) version, which is the first in Iran Prepared by Usroid and published in a tested form. Fill Expert VIP game Although the game does not seem very complicated and the general idea is very simple, but it must be said that this game is one of the most challenging puzzle style games that can easily engage your mind. . Although Fill Expert VIP is not the first game to use this idea, but unlike most similar games, this game is a VIP and evolved version in which there is no news of annoying ads and limited steps. This game is categorized in the field of puzzles called One Line Puzzles. In this game, all you have to do is solve puzzles that you just have to draw broken lines in one path. This explanation may seem a bit complicated, so let’s explain a little simpler and more complete.


Fill Expert VIP


In the game Fill Expert VIPAt each stage you will see a page facing you, separated by square houses. At one point on this page, which is actually one of these square houses, the starting point is marked. You have to draw a colored line by dragging your finger around this starting point and cover all the empty cells inside the screen in your path without crossing a house twice. This means that you should not cross the line you started for a moment by hitting one of the painted houses. At first, the steps of the game are simple and mostly have an educational form. But as the game progresses and the pages get bigger and the number of houses increases, the main challenge of Fill Expert VIP game appears! To play this game your intelligence and IQ will be challenged. Do not forget that each stage of the game may be solved in several ways, but one of these methods can be used; So do not think that it is impossible to solve some stages of the game! Fill Expert VIP game has a small volume and very simple gameplay, and there is no need for powerful devices or the Internet to do it. You can run this game offline and challenge yourself and your mind for a long time. So if you are looking to have fun with a simple and small game for a long time and strengthen your mind, do not miss Fill Expert VIP and now the latest paid version of it fromDownload Usroid .