Thumbnail Maker – Create Banners, Covers & Logos v11.8.3 – Android thumbnail application
Professional and complete version of the program with all the features for the first time on Persian language sites

Thumbnail Maker – Create Banners, Covers & Logos PRO is the title of a professional application for making thumbnails, developed by the Content Arcade Apps group for Android devices, and published on Google Play. When we search for a video on the Internet, we come across many results, and choosing the right video from all of them is time consuming and takes a lot of patience, so that we can decide which video is more suitable without watching all the videos. We use video cover images, also called thumbnails. These images give the user a glimpse of the content of the video and give them an overview of what the user is about to see in the video. The user uses these images to decide whether or not to watch the video. These images are very effective in viewing videos, and on various video platforms, clips that have a thumbnail are viewed much more than clips without a thumbnail, and even in search engines, videos with a thumbnail are viewed. 50% more than videos that do not have a thumbnail. If a video is to be posted on social media, having beautiful and attractive thumbnails is essential for viewing the video. Thumbnail Maker app is one of the best apps for creating thumbnail images and attaching them to video. If you produce video content in any way, you will need this app.

Some features and capabilities of Thumbnail Maker – Create Banners, Covers & Logos Android:

  • Lots of features to create beautiful, attractive and user-friendly thumbnails
  • Having a unique collection of designs and wallpapers for free
  • Ability to use 3D stickers to make thumbnails
  • Special graphic designs to increase the attractiveness of your designs
  • Extremely beautiful and user-friendly fonts to attract the audience’s attention
  • Having different templates in various categories
  • Having a complete set of stickers to create creative and interesting thumbnails
  • Ability to adjust the display time of the thumbnail at the beginning of the video
  • Ability to create thumbnails for all popular social networks
  • Ability to set the desired size for thumbnails
  • Ability to write text on thumbnails
  • Attractive and user-friendly interface that makes working with the application very easy and smooth


Thumbnail Maker – Create Banners, Covers & Logos application has provided many possibilities for video content producers and has been able to reach 100,000 downloads on Google. This application has a lot of popularity and credibility and has been able to get a score of 4.4 out of 5.0 by Google Play users. You can download the professional version of this application with all the features from Usroid for free.


Thumbnail Maker - Create Banners, Covers & Logos Pro