Wildscapes v2.2.8 – A management and strategic entertainment game “Dream Zoo” for Android is
a well-built and fancy game with more than 1 million downloads tested worldwide
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Wildscapes – Dream Zoo is the name of a very attractive and well-made game from the fun and creative Playrix studio in Ireland, which makes popular games such as  Gardenscapes – New Acres , Township , Fishdom: Deep Dive and HomescapesIt is made with the same lovely features in the design discussion and is published in a completely free form. Looking at other Playrix games, you’ll see what special style the developer uses for their games. Almost all of the studio’s games are in similar managerial and strategic styles. Wildscapes is no exception, but for the first time of all the games in the series, it offers a different idea and content. In Wildscapes, you are going to travel to a dream zoo and manage it. Just like almost all similar management and creative games (especially home design and decoration style games), you have to make jigsaw puzzles to make money and earn enough points to manage this zoo. In fact, it should be said that the matching section of this game is very important, and the whole game process is related to this section, and if you can’t get good points in this section, you can’t continue the game. So the first important thing to succeed in this game is to get acquainted with the style of puzzle games of Jorchin Match 3. This section has limited movements, so you have to get the most points with the right choices. Of course, it is also possible to use special point items in these puzzles, and you can get special points with their help.


Wildscapes - Dream Zoo


In the game WildscapesWith the money and points obtained, you can manage the various parts of this zoo and turn it into one of the best and most beautiful zoos in the country! To do this, you need to start with the basics and gradually expand your zoo by bringing in different animals. In the same way, by gaining more points, you can exponentially enlarge this zoo and bring more animals to it. To do this, you must first prepare the animal’s habitat before bringing it to your zoo. Wildscapes game has hundreds of different items, with many of which you can customize this zoo and change its decoration to create a unique and attractive zoo. Other parts of the game include handling visitors’ requests. If you want your zoo to be more profitable, you need to pay attention to the requests of the visitors in the shortest possible time and perform several missions in this section. Wildscapes game has made this game very attractive in terms of graphics and its fantastic and colorful designs. This game is wonA good score of 4.5 out of 5.0 has crossed the 1 million download mark on Google Play. In the following, you can get the latest update of this game from Usroid tested.

Consider the following:

1. In the first run of the game, you need to download some data online from within the game. You can then disconnect from the Internet and run the game offline.
2. A healthy modded version is not available for this game. If the modded version is healthy, the download link will be added.