Buoy – Pimp Your Battery Saver v1.0.3 – Maximum battery saving application for Android
Purchased and complete version of the app for $1.99

Buoy – Pimp Your Battery Saver is a maximum battery saving application for Android, developed by Tyler Nijmeh and published on Google Play. Battery consumption is one of the constant concerns of smart device owners. It does not matter what operating system your smartphone has; Because in any case, you have repeatedly felt the lack of battery and its rapid consumption. The first way to solve this problem is to pay attention to the battery capacity when buying a smartphone. However, even many flagships do not have the capacity. So to solve this problem, we have to go to other methods. One of the best possible ways is to use accessories. Undoubtedly, Buoy – Pimp Your Battery Saver is one of the best startups in this field.

Buoy – Pimp Your Battery Saver A way to save battery power with the default settings!

Unlike other battery management software, all of which are based on monitoring; Buoy – Pimp Your Battery Saver works in a wonderful and attractive way. Undoubtedly, Android is one of the smartest operating systems in the world. This operating system easily controls battery consumption and has special settings for it. But the surprising thing is that users do not have access to these settings! The above program with a clever trick helps you to access these default settings and adjust them according to your needs. Making changes to these options will greatly affect your smartphone’s battery consumption and eliminate your need for peripherals.

No malfunction of the smartphone

One thing that may come to your mind after installing and reading the description is that the device is malfunctioning. Because as we mentioned, this startup provides us with hidden and default Android settings. But as the developer has pointed out, after using this software, there will be no problems in the overall operation of the device. In a way, it can be said that sensitive settings are not provided and other settings options that are provided to you, somehow limit the functionality of the smartphone! (This limitation is so small that you may not even feel it.)

Activate sticky stick mode to save battery

When users connect their Android device to the charger to charge, the default saving mode is disabled, and after charging and disconnecting the phone from the charger, it may even take hours to reactivate this feature. For this purpose, Buoy – Pimp Your Battery Saver provides you with a special mode called stick mode, which will be activated quickly by saving your phone from the charger by default.

Some features and capabilities of Buoy – Pimp Your Battery Saver Android app:

  • Reduce data consumption and prevent unnecessary connections
  • Enable dark mode to save on OLED displays
  • Keep apps on standby and prevent them from stopping permanently
  • Disable transfer animation display
  • Postpone backup of important smartphone data
  • Use the built-in web firewall to protect against malicious sites
  • Reduce the brightness of the display panel
  • Disable unnecessary sensors
  • Put the device to deep sleep as soon as the screen turns off

Buoy – Pimp Your Battery Saver application with its special features and capabilities has been published by its developer at a price of $1.99 on Google Play and has received a score of 4.3 out of 5.0 by users, which you can now buy the latest version. Download it without any restrictions on accessing the facilities from the popular Usroid website.


Buoy - Pimp Your Battery Saver