Play Tube You Tube v2.0.1 [Ad-Free] – Simple and high quality Android video player application, ad-free
and complete version for the first time in Iran

One of the biggest advances of Android programmers that we have seen in the last few years is the increase in their ability to develop more feature-rich video players, which allows the user to enjoy the video without any worries and with the highest possible quality. Execute yourself. Usroid site, as the top Persian language Android reference, has not failed to introduce different video players and has introduced hundreds of them to you, and now, as always, we want to introduce you to a different video player. Play Tube You Tube Ad-Free as a video playerIt is simple and at the same time full of features for Android, which was developed by music video player and published on Google Play. It does not matter what format the video is in; Because this smart player is able to play it with unparalleled quality. Various and various capabilities can be seen in the list of features of this startup, the two best capabilities of which can be considered as pop-up video playback or background playback, which, if necessary, makes you not miss the video audio, and Take care of your other essentials. Unlike many players in the Android Market, all videos are recognized just like the file manager folder and are available to you whenever you want!

Some features and capabilities of the Android Play Tube You Tube app:

  • Supports a variety of video formats such as AVI, 3GP, M4V, MOV, MP4, WMV, MKV, TS and…
  • Supports YouTube video formats such as FLV, WEBM, 3GP
  • Scan and display all memory video files automatically
  • Thumbnails to enhance your ability to select the video you want
  • Ability to play video in the background without any problems
  • Ability to play videos on floating pages as a pop-up
  • Control the volume and brightness of the screen with just a touch of the screen
  • Very high playback quality compared to the same program

Application Play Tube You Tube Utilizing a variety of features and functionality that has been able to more than half a million downloads rating of 4.1 from 5.0 and Google Play users can now receive the newest version of the site Usroid downloaded. ; As mentioned, our version is the most complete version of the program that you can use its capabilities without time limit.

Changes in version v2.0.1:

* Supports all video formats.


Play Tube You Tube